In Judaism we have a concept not to rejoice too much at our enemies downfall. The classic example of this is during Pesach, when we only say whole Hallel for the first two days out of respect to the fact that Hashem’s creations, the Egyptians died. This is despite the fact that they tried to murder all of us!

Yet despite our grace, we certainly do pray that wicked people are punished and that violent oppressors are destroyed. In this Psalm King David makes mention of how wicked people are already ‘estranged from the womb,’ and the speakers of falsehood have ‘gone astray from birth.’

‘Chamas lamoh kidmut chamas nachash cmoh cheten cheiresh yatem osno- they have venom like the venom of a snake, like the viper that is deaf and cannot be charmed.’ Wicked people are compared  to a snake because in the same way that people fear snakes and treat them with utter contempt, wicked people once fully exposed are also treated like this. Not watching ones mouth and being poisonous with words can lead to untold damage, and this imagery is also conjured by King David’s prayer.

Wicked and unruly people are completely and utterly impervious to rebuke and simply cannot be told what to do. They simply refuse to listen to any reason whatsoever, and they only care about sinking their fangs of destruction as deep as they can into people. One only has to look around the world to see the bold claims of Israel’s haters.

‘O G-d smash their teeth in their mouth, shatter the molars of young lions…His arrows, may they be as if crumbled to pieces.’ King David pleads to Hashem to not only protect him from all harm his enemies may possibly seek to bestow upon him, but in addition to foil all their plots by smashing them down and crumbling them all to pieces. May Hashem continuously protect all of us from all harm until the end of days, Amen.