Following the renowned and revolutionary Kinyan Masechta program, which has taken the Torah world by storm, the early morning chabura led by Rav Ilan Halberstadtrecently completed Maseches Avoda Zora.

The chabura learned Avoda Zorah for the past year and a half, working towards this momentous milestone. Every weekday at 6:00am the chabura attracts dozens to Machzikei Adass in the heart of Golders Green. The focus is not only to finish Masechtos, but to ensure that each and every person really knows it and is “koina” the mesechte. Rabbi Halberstadt starts the Chabura with a  25 minute shiur from Monday – Thursday followed by chavrusa learning, where the chabura go over what has been learnt that day at least three times. On Friday, chazara is done of the weeks’ learning and the same again on Shabbos. Through this program one is able to really master the whole mesechta. The chabura got together this past Sunday for a siyum, where they celebrated the achievement of mastering the mesechta and prepared for the new challenge.

Rav Meir Rapaport addressed the Chabura at the siyum with divrei chizuk. Seeing so many people in one room who know a Masechta “cold” instead of just finishing it, is a powerful experience. The Chabura is looking forward to beginning Meseches Succah which will be the tenth mesechta that the Chabura has undertaken with the hope of finishing the Masechta in time for next Sukkos.

All are welcome to come and join the revolution and feel true achievement in Torah.