Food prices are rising, and for kosher consumers, the burden can be even greater. While everyone needs to eat, kosher options often come with a hefty price tag. Dining out at Jewish restaurants can be a shock to the wallet, with prices far surpassing those of non-kosher establishments. A meal for a family of four at a fast-food joint might cost $20, but for kosher consumers, that same meal could range from $60 to $100. The price difference between fast food and upscale kosher restaurants is staggering.

Enter Kosher GPS, the smartphone app revolutionizing the way kosher consumers find affordable dining options. With over 3,000 listings, including kosher restaurants, orthodox minyans, and mikvahs, Kosher GPS provides a convenient solution for finding kosher food wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, traveling for a holiday, or visiting a new city, Kosher GPS makes it easy to locate nearby kosher restaurants offering breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The app covers locations across the USA, from Los Angeles to New Jersey, and is continually expanding to include more cities and countries. Whether you’re in Panama for winter break or Miami for summer vacation, Kosher GPS has you covered. Plus, with its promos section, users can access exclusive deals and discounts at participating restaurants, saving money on their next meal.

Each promotion listed on the Kosher GPS app is unique and cannot be found elsewhere. From free drinks to percentage discounts and complimentary appetizers, there’s something for everyone. And unlike traditional coupons, these promotions have no expiration date, allowing users to redeem them at their convenience.

Restaurant owners benefit from partnering with Kosher GPS by attracting more customers and increasing foot traffic to their establishments. These promotions serve as a marketing expense for restaurants, helping them attract new patrons without incurring additional costs.

With the ability to leave reviews directly on the app, users can easily share their dining experiences and help others find great kosher restaurants in their area.

So, the next time you’re craving kosher food, don’t break the bank. Download the Kosher GPS app and start saving money today. Your wallet—and your taste buds—will thank you! Kosher GPS is proud to be a partner of My Jewish Listings, your go-to source for all things kosher travel and vacations.