Last week, JNF UK had the honor of hosting Israeli hero Raz Frohlich, who recounted his extraordinary personal experience during the events of October 7. Frohlich shared his heroic actions in saving the lives of residents in Kibbutz Be’eri, offering a firsthand account of bravery and resilience amidst crisis. His talk was part of JNF UK’s exclusive speaker series, Voices from Israel, featuring Israelis directly impacted by the ongoing crisis and their visions for the future.

During the interview, Frohlich detailed his courageous response to the October 7 attacks. Upon learning of the events while vacationing in Greece, he swiftly returned home to Kochav Yair. With only 15 minutes to bid farewell to his family, Frohlich joined his unit and boarded a helicopter bound for Kibbutz Be’eri. Enduring 12 hours of intense battle, Frohlich sustained three gunshot wounds to the chest during an unexpected terrorist attack. Despite severe injuries that left him unable to speak or breathe, he was rescued and underwent an emergency field operation, ultimately undergoing life-saving surgery at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva. Medical professionals confirmed that had Frohlich arrived moments later, he might not have survived.

Reflecting on Israel’s future, Frohlich expressed confidence in the nation’s security against threats like Hamas. He emphasized the importance of solidarity and education, underscoring his commitment to promoting these values through his role as General Director of ORT, Israel’s largest Technology & Science Educational Network.

JNF UK CEO Elan Gorji expressed gratitude for Frohlich’s inspirational account, acknowledging the immense sacrifices made by heroes like him in defense of Israel. The Voices from Israel Series with Raz Frohlich can be viewed at the following link: