Protests gathered outside Parliament tonight demanding action from Mr Corbyn and the Labour party over anti-Semitism within the party.

More coverage and updates to follow.

This is the letter published earlier as a call to action:

Dear Friends,

For more than the last two years, the Jewish community has been exposed to a constant drip-feed of antisemitism coming from Labour members.

The Board of Deputies has continually condemned individual incidents and the weak, pathetic and slow response from the Labour Party, which has failed victims and emboldened perpetrators.

After a week of near-daily antisemitic incidents, the revelation that Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn personally defended an antisemitic mural has compounded matters. It’s time we say, ‘Enough is enough!’

Tonight, the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council will be presenting an open letter with our concerns to the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) Chair John Cryer, in advance of the PLP meeting at 6pm. We know we have many friends in the Labour Party and we want to support them in speaking out as well.

Please join us on Parliament Green by 5:30pm, on Monday 26 March, to make our collective voice heard.

Please share this message as widely as you can. Help us to get a strong showing from the Jewish community and all those who oppose antisemitism.

I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow.

Let’s tell Jeremy Corbyn, ‘Enough is enough!’

Jonathan Arkush

Monday March 26, 5.30pm, Parliament Green