Kisharon volunteers, staff and people the charity for children and adults with learning difficulties supports came together to help produce a range of Rosh Hashana gift ideas at Kisharon’s Skills for Employment Hub. The dedicated Kisharon supporters collaborated to decorate honey dippers, as well as fill Kisharon’s annual ‘Bag my Treats’ bags and prepare Kisharon’s personalised honey jars, all of which are on sale at Kisharon’s ‘Equal’ gift shop in Temple Fortune, North London.


Preparations for Rosh Hashana began long before the holiday at Kisharon, as part of the charity’s work in ensuring that people with learning disabilities have further opportunities – to learn, work and live life independently.


Volunteers participating in the Rosh Hashana preparation included Charlotte Kaye, 15, who said the experience working alongside people with a range of skills and abilities, taught her “that everyone is able, we just have to adapt to suit a person’s needs”. Also present, were Kisharon supporters Miri (11), Sara (13) and Reuven (14) Garber, who called on other aspiring volunteers to follow their example by supporting Kisharon’s work in integrating people with learning difficulties into their wider communities, and helping to cultivate essential skills for employment to allow everyone to achieve their potential. The volunteering experience “showed us that everyone has their own talents, abilities, and strengths in different areas”, added the siblings.


Kisharon has so far had a strong response to its personalised honey jars from the community, receiving orders from as far afield as Manchester from members of the community keen to support the charity and its range of beautifully-made gift ideas and place settings.


Kisharon is taking orders for their personalised honey jars until today, Tuesday 4th September. Collection is from Kisharon’s Gift Store, Equal 818 Finchley Road, London NW11 6XL


Ordering Contact details are:


020 8457 5000


There are two sizes – large gifting jar 227g £7.50

small jar 31g £2.00 each