On Monday evening a community meeting took place in Manchester to discuss the business, employment and training needs of the Kehilla.

The meeting was organised by the Jewel Foundation where they announced that they are in extensive talks with Work Avenue to explore ways of collaborative working to enhance the employment and business support on offer to the community in Manchester.

Having continued the work of JCom Employment, the Jewel Foundation has provided comprehensive employment support for over 11 years in Manchester and has had the success of placing hundreds of candidates in employment. Furthermore, its careers advice support has helped thousands understand their skills and guided them to choose a career which maximises their abilities and potential.

Moshe Morris, the founder and chair of Work Avenue was the keynote speaker and addressed the audience with inspirational anecdotes, encouraging the community that regardless of what age people start looking for work and their past experiences, success is always possible. Mr Morris commended the trustees of Jewel and the previous chair of JCom Employment, Mr Norman Younger for their ambitious efforts in assisting the Kehilla and commented what a privilege it is for him and Work Avenue to work alongside such a great team of Askonim and how excited he was to be involved in helping the Manchester Kehilla.

Daniel Morris, a past beneficiary of Work Avenue and popular photographer spoke how Work Avenue helped him and gave encouragement to participants to take advantage of the support that Work Avenue and Jewel can provide.

The community had the chance to discuss the support required and how Work Avenue and Jewel are going to provide it.

Work Avenue is well known for its business and employment support and is keen to share their knowledge and expertise with Jewel with the goal of replicating the WE Hub in London and having dedicated premises in Manchester for the community to utilise with hot desking facilities, office space for new businesses and training rooms.

CEO of Work Avenue, Debbie Sheldon commented how she has worked closely with Jewel for many years and have always shared ideas with each other but this new venture will ensure that all of Work Avenue’s services are accessible to Manchester residents.

Pinchos Corn, trustee of Jewel remarked how the timing of this venture is perfect as Jewel is just embarking on a community research project to identify the Manchester community’s training needs and this new partnership working model will help deliver whatever training the community needs as well as an all-encompassing business and employment support service.