Miri Garber, a year 5 student in Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary School in Kinsgsbury, donated her beautiful long hair for the third time.

In 2010, when Miri was 3 years old, she donated 16 inches of hair. In 2013, at 7 years old, it was 14 inches; and this year, it was 12 inches. In total she has donated a whopping 42 inches of hair to charity.

Miri, who was born in Gateshead, celebrated her birthday and turned ten over Pesach. She has remarkably raised over £2500 for the charity Zichron Menachem, with her Just Giving page reaching over £1280.

The daughter of Rabbi Alan and Tanya Garber from Shenley, Miri has raised awareness and has encouraged so many others to do the same.

Proud parents Rabbi and Tanya Garber were the student chaplaincy couple on campus for the students in the Yorkshire region when Miri donated her hair for the first time.

Miri says: “When I was just 3 years old, my hair was down to my waist and I had my first major hair cut for Zichron Menachem. I knew I was doing a mitzvah to help someone. I didn’t really understand it but my sister Sara was cutting off all her hair and I wanted to help too. It was not a great haircut. The hairdresser cut it shorter than I would have liked but we ended up with a very long 16-inch plait.”

Tanya, mum of five, explains that in those days there was no Hob salon.

“I took the girls to a very small salon in Headingly. Knowing the girls were donating their hair for a child with cancer, the hairdresser cut the maximum amount off, leaving the girls with extremely short hair. I was rather aghast when I saw just how much the hairdresser had cut and wasn’t sure how I would be able to do their hair without crying. When I saw how happy they were afterwards and proud they were to do something special, I felt proud too. Cancer has affected the lives of those close to us, and we understand the devastating side effects including hair loss, which really hits home that a child is unwell.”

Miri, who also lived in Australia for a few years, would like to be a midwife when she grows up. She enjoys painting and drawing and is very imaginative and likes storytelling.  She wants to inspire other girls and ladies to donate their hair too, as she knows how accomplished it makes her feel and she values the importance of the happiness of other children.

A few days ago Miri took part in the 1.5km Radlett rotary run for Mencap together with her siblings, and she plans to do the HKMS walk in two weeks’ time.

Miri and Sara are not the only children in their family who have donated their hair for Zichron Menachem. Years earlier, their big brother donated his very long blonde hair after his first hair cut at the age of 3.

Miri, an incredible inspiration to others, hopes to continue to grow her hair and cut it for Zichron Mehachem. She says, “It doesn’t get easier to have your long hair cut. In fact, it feels harder. But giving it away is a way that I can really give a part of myself, more