fresh water pouring into glass

Summer is just around the corner, meaning it’s that much more important to stay hydrated. Here are some tips and tricks to help out.

  1. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of pure, clean water every day—but not with meals so as not to dilute your digestive juices.
  2. Make drinking water a daily habit. When it’s hot out or you’re ill, take in even more water—two to three glasses more than usual.
  3. Exercise will increase your need for fluids. Make sure to drink water before and during your workouts. This will help reduce body temperature, moderate stress in muscles and improve performance.
  4. Feeling thirsty or experiencing dry mouth, flushed skin, fatigue, or head-ache can all be signs of dehydration. Hydrate the body with some water.
  5. If you don’t like plain water, try adding lemon, lime, or fruit juice for flavor.
  6. Eat hydrating foods such as watermelon or make your own fresh fruit ice lollies with a little crushed fruit diluted with water. Check out our recipe for Watermelon Ice Lollies on the kids pages.
  7. To increase your fluid intake, enjoy a few pieces of vegetables or fruit a day, as well as some homemade vegetable soup.
  8. Heat and dehydration can affect children most. Remind kids and younger siblings to drink water throughout the day. Adding a bit of juice to water can help them make the switch from the unhealthier drinks.
  9. Research shows milk is better than water and sports drinks for rehydration and recovery after exercise. Just be sure to choose a slimmed-down carton since the fat in whole milk can delay fluid replacement.
  10. When travelling, stay hydrated by drinking lots and avoiding salty foods.