An amazing and uplifting Shabbat UK in Barnet Synagogue kicked off with a Challa Make on Thursday evening. Over 100 women took part in the main Challa Make with Rebbetzin Naomi Lerer and 25 men made their Challa (and enjoyed some whisky) under Rabbinic Supervision with Rabbi Lerer.
The Friday night service was led by singer/ songwriter and rapper Ari Lesser. Ari led the service in his own inimitable style and entertained the 190 strong community who sat down for a sumptuous Shabbat Friday night meal together.
On Shabbat morning Ari rapped a phenomenal sermon in the main service that had the community mesmerised. He also visited the Children’s services with raps about Kosher animals.
In the afternoon, members enjoyed activities and hospitality in 8 homes across the community based on countries around the world.
Over 220 members of the community assembled for Seudah Shlishit, where Chief Rabbi Mirivs and Valerie were the special guests. The Barnet Kids Choir sang three songs they had prepared especially for Shabbat UK. The Chief Rabbis uplifting words about Shabbat inspired the community.
The Shabbat ended with a beautiful musical Havdala in the presence of the Chief Rabbi.
One member commented “The Shabbat was incredible and loved by every member of our community both young and old unaffiliated and affiliated.” Another commented on the “community cohesiveness” and how “so many people worked so hard to deliver the most fantastic Shabbat UK ever…..that’s what makes Barnet such a special community.”