More than 100 delegates and professionals attended a Board of Deputies training day this week for a new Board of Deputies national initiative to train volunteer Judaism outreach ambassadors.
The training launch seminar, hosted at the Jewish Museum in London, consisted of workshops and one-to-one sessions with experts. These included author and educationalist Clive Lawton, Pikuach Director Jeffrey leader and educationalists Maureen Kendler, Anne Angel, Steve Miller and Pamela Hartog.
Programme topics included presentation skills, effective use of artefacts, knowledge of content, dealing with difficult questions and preparation for school visits.
Board of Deputies Vice President Sheila Gewolb said: “The concept of having an accredited training programme for Outreach Ambassadors has grown from the increasing demand for Judaism education from non-Jewish schools and other organisations. Our aim is to provide and support a national network of trained ambassadors to meet this demand by providing quality Judaism education.”
In closing the session, Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron thanked participants who travelled from as far afield as Devon, Wales, Yorkshire and Merseyside to attend the session. She said: “The Board of Deputies will enable the establishment of a national network of accredited Judaism ambassadors who will promote a proper understanding of the Jewish faith and culture among non-Jewish children and adults.”