Vaccines are not all from the same stable but are created in a multitude of subtypes; some
are ‘live,’ eg. MMR, flu, BCG, shingles; these establish a low, weakened load of the
pathogen, which the body then fights. Some others are toxoid, made with inactivated
versions of toxins, but are not actually poisonous; these include whooping cough and
tetanus. The covid vaccine is not like either of these, but is known as a RNA vaccine and we
need to appreciate that second doses of it are not formulated to be the same as the first.
Here, the first serves to prime the immune system to recognise the pathogen, and the
second to boost significantly the protection afforded by the first dose. Professor Peter Taylor,
from UCL, says that there is no evidence to suggest that a single dose will give adequate
protection, particularly in the most vulnerable groups, nor that a gap of 12 weeks [between
doses] will provide sufficient immunity. This is worrying as it looks as if we are being driven
by a political agenda, ie expediency to tick the numbers box, which could result in further
deaths amongst groups who believed they were now out-of-the-woods. He added, ‘the
Government is undertaking a massive experiment and potentially putting lives at risk.’
Russia, with its population of 160 million, has a 2 dose vaccine – the Sputnik V – but is also
trialling a [less effective] single dose version, to send to badly hit counties. China, with a
population of 1.3 billion, is waging all out war on the virus, and has locked down the city of
Shijiazhuang (pop. 11 million), following 103 new cases. You read that right. Not 103,000,
but 103. Medics are deployed to do mass testing, home swabs, contact tracing, they have
created new testing stations and have closed railway stations, bus terminals and initiated
vehicular checkpoints. Those quarantining are subject to severe constraints, such as having
alarms on doors, which alert neighbourhood guards. They aim to get Shijiazhuang tested in
3 days, and up to 50 million nationals jabbed by the Chinese New Year on Feb 12. Okay,
we do not live in a communist controlled regime, but we could possibly adopt some of the
less aggressive measures. Masks must surely be non-negotiable. Why have our politicians
and scientists – some of the most advanced in the world – permitted apathy in public
compliance? Worse, why allow the Government to adopt a single dose policy?
We have finally, FINALLY, brought in mandatory covid tests before passengers are allowed
to fly {but where would you go?}. Enforced quarantine for flight arrivals and those who test
positive, is still off the table, despite being actioned elsewhere. Israel has delivered its
vaccine to 20% of its population, using reserve medics to assist, all working round the clock.
Here, there has been a hue and cry over pharmacists not being granted permission to help,
which is madness, as you can of course go to Boots the Chemist for your flu shot, or your
travel jabs. Why not the covid vaccine? It’s not as if pharmacists are bungling amateurs.
Giving them the green light would further obviate people being required to travel between 10
and 40 miles for their jab. Let’s get the show properly ‘on the road’ and not promise the
country will be vaccinated by autumn. That is pathologically ridiculous and politically