A 41-year-old Florida man who conspired to bomb a local synagogue and Jewish school last Pesach could receive a 25 years jail sentence.
James Medina pleaded guilty in a US district court to a religious hate crime and attempt to use a weapon of mass destruction.
Whist his bomb provided by an FBI informant was fake, the Muslim convert planned to blow up the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Centre in Miami in 2016.
The FBI noted Medina intended using AK-47-style weapons at the 800-member Florida shul.
An unnamed informant recorded the plot, including one where Medina claimed allegiance to Islamic State and felt obligated to attack Jews in America.
Medina, who accepted he required help for his mental state, has been hospitalised in federal custody.
Under the terms, Medina will return to court once his treatment is complete. And he may receive a life sentence as Judge Robert Scola noted the severity of the offence.