Coinciding with his second Yarzheit, Chabad Lubavitch North East London & Essex, remembered their fellow colleague, Rabbi Moshe Muller z”l who dedicated his life as a ShAliach to the Chabad House in Ilford, Essex UK for some 21 years, with a Siyum & Hachnosas Sefer Torah, On Sunday Rosh Chodesh Iyar.
The last letters were written, in the Family home, overseen by Head ShAliach to Essex, Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE and respected Sofer Rabbi Arele Tiefenbrun.
The Sefer Torah project was made possible through Family, friends and so many touched by the Rabbi Mullers zl.
Writing the concluding letters included: Rabbi Odom Brandman, Shliach to Buckhurst Hill, Essex, local Rabonim of neighbouring Shuls, fellow Shluchim from around the UK, Anash of London and beyond and the local communities of Essex. The last two words were completed by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE, Mr Bentzion Bernstein with Yosef & Avremel Muller, Mr Ovadiah Klien with Zalman Muller, then Shimi, Yitzie and Mendel Muller completing the Sefer Torah.
The completed Sefer Torah was carried out of the home by Mr Mendel Muller, the eldest son of Rabbi Muller z”l watched and accompanied by his mother Mrs Brocha Muller and their daughters, Chaye Mushka & Shoshie.
The 350 strong crowd accompanied by a music, singing and dancing made the 20 minute procession under a specially prepared Chupah on wheels., to the recently opened new Chabad Lubavitch Centre in Gants Hill, Ilford, watched by hundreds of onlookers as the procession stopped the traffic at the Gants Hill roundabout, a major travel route through the area. Met by the existing Sifrei Torah, Hakafos, singing and dancing continued in the Chabad Centre, with a reception, concluding with some words of Chizuk from Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin MBE, & Mincha.
“ Rabbi Muller zl, a dedicated colleague and fellow Shliach was tragically taken from us two years ago at a young age, leaving behind a massive void and a large Family KAH, Community and so many others bereft. In our new Centre opened just six months ago, some of his students dedicated a room in his memory. However, a Sefer Torah in his memory which represents the essence of Yiddishkeit, Jewish education and the future of our people, is what Rabbi Muller zl, himself a sofer, stood for and worked towards every day of his life. As such this Sefer Torah ensures that his memory and legacy will be remembered and replicated each and every time it will be used in our busy Chabad House.” Said Rabbi Sufrin MBE
A special Shacharis minyan was arranged for Monday morning so that his son Mendel, was able to read from it for the very first time the Sefer Torah was being used before leavingfor Yeshivah in New York a few days later.