Kisharon has been working closely with people they support with learning disabilities to create unique personalised gifts of appreciation for those supporting the charity’s “Learn, Develop and Grow” Rosh Hashanah Appeal.
People with learning disabilities supported by the charity have for the first time this year learnt to collate and mail Kisharon’s Rosh Hashanah Appeal to over 5000 people, which included gifting Rosh Hashanah cards incorporating their own designs.
Kisharon’s social enterprise design agency, Equal Creative, designed the appeal – which also offers personalised honey jars as Rosh Hashanah gifts, to support Kisharon’s Appeal.
The handmade personalised honey jars, and accompanying Rosh Hashanah greeting cards have been produced in conjunction with people with learning disabilities supported by the charity. People supported by Kisharon are further being taught to packaging honey cakes for Rosh Hashanah, which will be available online and at Kisharon’s Equal Gift & Homeware store in Temple Fortune – one of five social enterprise initiatives being launched this year by the cause to offer equal work opportunities and experience to people with learning disabilities.
This year, Kisharon hopes to top last year’s record £94,000 raised through their Rosh Hashanah Appeal.
Kisharon’s CEO Bev Jacobson, said “This exciting Appeal amply demonstrates how, through the communities generosity, Kisharon enables people with learning disabilities to develop and learn to give back, taking on real and meaningful roles in the communities in which we live.”