Industry Minister Lee Rowley has praised the “passion and creativity” of Jewish small businesses after visiting WE Hub.

The community’s shared workspace in Finchley is run by Work Avenue which offers start-ups and small businesses a chance to hot-desk daily or rent a desk or office space.

Rowley was given a chance to meet entrepreneurs. 

Work Avenue CEO David Arden said, “WE Hub is bustling with ideas, inspiration and ingenuity so it was wonderful to be able to show the Minister what it is all about.”

As part of the tour, Laura Jackson, founder of Popcorn Shed explained how she has used the facility and described the journey working from home to accommodating a growing team.

Arden noted that Rowley was impressed with how passionate and creative members were especially in sharing ideas and experiences. 

“Our hope is that WE Hub can be used as an exemplar to other communities of what can be achieved,” he said.

Rowley discussed challenges facing small businesses and job seekers in the Jewish community with the Work Avenue team.


WE Hub: