Over 300 people flocked to seed in Edgware on Shabbat for the Chanukat HaBayit of the Seed shul and the official appointment of Rabbi Dov Birnbaum and Rebbetzin Tehilla Birnbaum. vSeed National Director Rabbi Joey Grunfeld presided over the inauguration, and the building was buzzing with activity fand hosted an enjoyable meaty Kiddush after Shacharit. The Seed centre in Edgware was renovated extensively over the summer of 2016 and the shul is rapidly becoming one of the most popular in the area on Shabbat morning – partly thanks to its popular Seedlings children’s services.
Rabbi Dov Birnbaum said: “Thank you to the Seed team and the entire community for a truly memorable Shabbos. We feel privileged to lead such a warm, friendly and vibrant community at this exciting stage of its development.”