The Metropolitan Police are to investigate a secret hate dossier after Campaign Against Antisemitism Chairman, Gideon Falter, reported it to Commissioner Cressida Dick live on national radio.

LBC’s Political Editor, Theo Usherwood, revealed live on the Nick Ferrari show that LBC had obtained and investigated a secret leaked dossier of cases put before NEC Disputes Panel.

Mak Chishty, Commander in charge of hate crime at the Met before retiring last year, reviewed the leaked dossier for LBC and found 45 cases of antisemitism in it.

Mr Chishty and Charlie Sherrard QC, a criminal barrister who works with CAA, classified 17 cases as “race-hate incidents” which should have been reported to the police.

A four further cases also warranted criminal investigation.

Mr Chishty said the incidents were “abhorrent” and described the language used as “absolutely horrible.”

According to Mr Usherwood, the four cases included an activist who attacked a Jewish Labour MP as a “Zionist extremist” who “hates civilised people” and was “about to get a good kicking” for spreading “Zionist propaganda”, an activist who posted an article containing Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic cartoons of Jews from a blog claiming to provide “intelligent anti-Semitism for the thinking gentile”, a party member posting that “we shall rid the Jews who are a cancer on us all” and another party member accused of physically and verbally abusing a seven-year-old boy using racist remarks including “Paki” and “Jew-boy”.

LBC presenter Mr Ferrari asked whether he could legitimately report this dossier as evidence of hate crimes in light of what he had heard.

CAA Chairman, Gideon Falter, called in and officially reported the dossier live on air to the Commissioner.

“It seems that the Labour Party had information about criminal anti-Semitic acts committed by its members, including admissions, that they decided to cover up,” noted CAA on its website.

“This is an appalling new low for the Labour Party, which now appears to be shielding race hate criminals.

“The police investigation needs to look into whether the Labour Party committed criminal acts of conspiracy, which will be raised with the investigating officers.”

The file was passed to Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, who joined Mr Ferrari for a phone-in.

Officers at New Scotland Yard have opened an investigation.