Israel’s Ministry of Public Security has submitted new legalisation to the Knesset regarding terrorists’ medical expenses.

The Labour, Welfare and Health Committee have discussed a clause to the National Health Insurance Law that would exclude Israel from meeting the cost of bills and passing them to the Palestinian Authority.

If passed, it would save up to NIS 30 million on terror crimes.

“According to the policy change I am promoting, the damned terrorists should only receive the bare minimum required by international law,” said Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan.

“I am working towards reducing their conditions.

“In this framework, I decided that it is inconceivable that the State pays for the medical expenses of terrorists who committed heinous acts of terror, and therefore I asked to correct this distortion of justice.”

The proposed amendment does not stop medical treatment under international law but enables Israel to deduct medical expenses from tax payments collected from the Palestinian Authority.

Currently, terrorists’ families receive payments for their actions.

It is estimated by the Ministry that Israel Police pays NIS 2 million annually for medical treatment to terrorists injured in terror attacks.

And the Israel Prison Service finances a further NIS 20-25 million annually for medical treatment given to terror prisoners.

The proposed amendment, prepared by Likud MKs Anat Berko and Nava Boker, states, ‘Anyone who acts out an ideology that undermines the existence of the State will not receive medical care funded by the same civilians he sought to harm.

“Anyone who chooses to join forces with Israel’s enemies and suffers injuries as a result will pay his medical expenses himself.”