The Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation were about ‘The Seven Wonders of Jewish History’ by  speaker and educator Rabbi Shimshon Silkin.  The UK’s leading telephone based learning organisation PaL – Phone and Learn worked with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Bar of Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation, to introduce their flexible learning programme to the members of the Southend community. 

Drawing on numerous Torah sources Rabbi Silkin highlighted how the mere existence of the Jewish nation is an unbelievable miracle and how this gives us spirituality and strengthens our faith. 

Rivka Graham, PaL’s Programme Coordinator commented, “As always, each person’s learning partnerships will be customised to their specific interests, creating an enriching, bespoke learning experience.  We welcome our new Southend PaL partners to the PaL family.”  

Rabbi Binyamin Bar remarked, “The amazing work of PaL gets my approval, though their great reputation speaks for itself.  I am so grateful to PaL for organising this wonderful event.  We all enjoyed Rabbi Silkin’s masterful presentation, hearing about the learning opportunities at PaL and some delicious food.  It was heart-warming to see many of the attendees signing up to begin regular Torah learning sessions.”

To find out more about PaL – Phone and Learn visit or call 0800 055 3276.