By Jeremy Bitton

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial rock for the past few weeks, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the rising number of Arsenal fans attending the anti-Wenger protests outside the Emirates stadium last week.

Gunners fans flocked in their hundreds as Bayern Munich touched down in London. Nonetheless, the aforementioned sentiment was only reinforced post-match as the German giants eliminated the Premier League outfit in an embarrassing 10-2 Champions League rout.

However, the protests didn’t stop there, with supporters marching once more ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final encounter against Lincoln City, which ended with a convincing 5-0 victory over the non-league side.

Approximately 250 Arsenal fans joined the anti-Wenger march following Arsenal’s defeat to Bayern Munich, with those around the stadium claiming a smaller following attended the second march.

These fans are adamant concerning Wenger’s exit from the club, with most calling for the board to shut up shop along with the long-serving French tactician. However, it’s hard to envisage anything past the status quo from the Arsenal board, who seem more content with return on investment, rather than competing at the top level of continental football.

With all that said and done, Wenger is the greatest manager in Arsenal’s rich history, meaning more respect wouldn’t go astray.

Ignoring Arsenal fans won’t work either however, with many lifelong fans feeling used and abused with ticket prices consistently going up and faltering results coming more often than not in the months following February.

The Gunners are experiencing a wretched run of form, losing five of their last eight games in all competitions, a sequence capped by a Bayern thrashing which saw the Bundesliga champions seal a 10-2 aggregate victory.

A great deal of creativity was on show despite sheer anger being showcased by these Arsenal fans.

Although there is nothing funny about Brexit, football fans worldwide often attempt to make clever gags, linking football with politics, so Wexit is what they came up with.

As such, WEXIT could be the phrase that caps the beginning of the end for Arsenal’s most successful managerial symbol of all time.