In this week’s psalm, King David appeals to G-d to rescue him from his enemies. ‘Elokim l’hatzeleni, Hashem l’ezrati chusha- O G-d to rescue me, O Hashem to my assistance hasten!’ We know that throughout the Torah, Hashem is referred to by different names. When He is called Hashem, it denotes His merciful side, whereas the name Elokim denotes His attribute of strict justice.

The Gemoroh in Avodah Zarah describes how Hashem judges the world every day not just on Rosh Hashanah. He first judges the world with strict justice and the righteous can pass this standard. As more multitudes of people arrive to be judged, He moves to His throne of mercy as most people cannot tolerate to be judged so stringently.

Our great King was certainly considered righteous and he asks in this Psalm that when G-d’s attribute of strict justice rules that he is righteous enough to be saved, Hashem should move quickly with mercy to save him as soon as possible; not to wait some time as the attribute of justice might dictate.

Many times in life, people may feel that Hashem is waiting to give them the salvation they desperately seek and that no matter how much one prays, the redemption will not come until the pre-destined time. King David is teaching us here a very important lesson. No matter how much you may feel your prayers are blocked, keep trying as you just never know how close your dreams are to being fulfilled.

By praying earnestly and keeping one’s faith strong, may Hashem always answer quickly, Amen.